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eAM Analytics

Business Intelligence and Signum EAM Analytics™

Your Enterprise Asset Management system holds enormous amounts of data about your business performance. But until you can turn that data into meaningful information, you can not use it to improve the quality of your decisions or find efficiencies that optimize your asset utilization.

Signum EAM Analytics™ is a custom dashboard toolkit for deployment on the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) that allows you to streamline and coordinate daily operational measures and dashboards for Enterprise Asset Management activities. Designed to integrate seamlessly with Oracle’s E-Business Suite Release 12, Signum EAM Analytics includes a built end user layer (EUL) dashboard interface that features over 30 key performance metrics, allowing executives and management to efficiently access information, evaluate performance, and respond based on real-time results.

Signum EAM Analytics™ Core Functionality

  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Proactive Detection and Alerts
  • Ad-Hoc Analysis  
  • Easy Drill-Down Capabilities
  • Easy to Add Columns, Filters ( Search Criteria)  
  • User-Friendly Tool to Create/Publish Charts, Graphs 
  • Flexibility in Communicating with Different Databases  
  • Interacts Effortlessly with E-Business Suite

    analytics dashboard

 eAM Analytics Screen

Leveraging Signum EAM Analytics™

  • Simple, Web-Based, Ad-Hoc Answers Tool
  • Interactive, Customized, Real World Application Dashboards   
  • Focused, Actionable Reports 
  • Proactive Intelligence Delivery
  • Short Engagements for Setup and Development
  • Optimized Information for All Levels of the Organization
  • “Pervasive Insight to Everyone, Everywhere"

    Analytics Dashboard   

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“Signum EAM Analytics™ provided us an easy to use solution that gave us insight and visibility into our Oracle Enterprise Asset Management environment.”

Bill Washburn, Maintenance Planning / Scheduling Supervisor - Sunflower Electric Power  Corporation

“Signum EAM Analytics™ is a great complement to our Oracle Analytic applications,  providing a seamless, data rich solution for Oracle EAM users, and developed with Best Practices technique and concepts.”

Joe Thomas, Senior Director, Business Intelligence - Oracle BI Global Business Unit