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We know how important it is for you to safeguard delivery of services to your communities. Signum Group has implementation services specifically for the management of financial assets to ensure everything is in place when you need it most.

We can provide system implementation services, control and quality programs that will maximize the performance and safety of assets that serve local citizens.

The breadth of municipal asset types and variety of systems employed to track their use and maintenance can lead to conflicting asset management strategies and poor decisions – limiting utilization, shrinking asset life-cycles, and driving up capital and operational expenses.

With our expertise and implementation leading the charge, Oracle’s application life management solutions can help you:

•    Empower workers to make better decisions with easy to use self-service applications
•    Accelerate return on assets by optimizing purchasing, maintenance and disposal
•    Reduce costs with a single, integrated asset management solution
•    Deliver complete visibility of every asset by tracking history at the asset level
•    Improve your organization’s carbon footprint with more efficient asset utilization

Industry Solutions for Municipalities
•    Integration of mobile work management technology
•    Vehicle fleet and facilities management
•    Implementation services

Municipality Solutions