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SignumForce™ Program Designed to Bring Local Jobs and a Smarter Signum Workforce
ATLANTA (September 9, 2014 ) – Signum Group, LLC, the authority in enterprise asset and operations software solutions, announced today the successful launch of SignumForce™, its innovative new internship program. 

SignumForce™ is designed to maximize the benefits to all involved—students, local communities, and Signum.  The program was launched in Memphis, Tennessee where Signum Group has ongoing work both with Memphis Gas, Light, & Water and the City of Memphis .  The innovative program involves opening a local office and beginning a partnership with a local community college to find qualified students looking to develop careers in technology.   The program allows students to develop their talents and learn skills for future full-time employment, reinforces for local leaders Signum’s commitment to the community, and allows Signum to find the next generation of talented experts.  With the initial launch of the program, Signum moved six employees to the Memphis office and hired two more from within the SignumForce™ program.

“Creating the SignumForce™ internship program was an important step for us,” said Signum Group CEO Susan Hrib.  “We’re committed to expanding our workforce in the communities where we are doing business to ensure long term success both for our customers and for our own business.  Being able to do that while also preparing students within these communities for employment creates an ecosystem of success that we are proud to be a part of.”