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Signum Group, LLC, the authority in enterprise asset management systems and operations software solutions, announced today from Oracle OpenWorld an expanded utility industry offering focusing on Oracle eAM customization for compatible units, and the launch of their new corporate website aimed at targeting industry-specific solutions.

As an Oracle gold partner with over 20 years of proven implementation and integration success, Signum Group has applied its deep expertise to build a complete solution for those electric and gas utilities that employ compatible units to design and standardize their routine work processes.  As an unlimited number of tasks and assets can be assigned to compatible units, Signum Group’s unique, process-driven approach to customization makes the new offering a logical extension of their extensive Oracle eAM implementation and integration solutions.

“As our work in the utility industry has increased, we continued to encounter situations where our clients were needing to customize their eAM to work with their defined compatible units,” said Sue Hrib, Signum Group CEO.  “As a process-driven business ourselves, we knew we wanted to bring this into our SignumWay™ methodology so we could apply our rigorous discipline around this issue to ensure our clients’ success.”

SignumWay™ is Signum Group’s core knowledge management and process framework.  It draws from years of knowledge and experience from hundreds of enterprise resource planning projects to optimize integration and implementation process and enhance quality through predictability of the outcome.

In addition, the company launched a new website with an updated list of industry-specific solutions that underscores its enterprise resource planning expertise as well as its expanded focus on the utility market.

“We know that each industry we work in has its own unique challenges,” continued Hrib.  “We believe that our new approach of focusing on specific industry issues, which is reflected in our new website design, will allow us to continue to innovate to solve those asset-related issues through expanded solutions.”

SAN FRANCISCO (September 29, 2014 )